Abuse of children by Henriette Nakad

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Henriette Nakad, PHD

Twitter-thread 26th of march 2022

The Dutch State is the world champion in separating children from their parents and blocking any and all contact between them. #StateKidnapping. This affects at least 95,000 children who are taken away from their loving families, and 450,000 - 900,000 under some form of State "supervision" (in theory, but in practice this usually means: an interference based on terror, intimidation and retaliation).

This problem has occured for at least 75 years. The grave problems were investigated by Formal Committees (Samson, 2013 De Winter 2019) and dissertations were published (Clarijs, The tyranny of Youth Care 2013) and journaliste (Van Beek, Children of the State 2020), and others. Yesterday night, a Dutch comedian @PannekoekPeter spoke out on State TV. "#Statekidnapping" in relation to 1,115 children in the TaxBenefitsScandal and MP @PieterOmtzigt who has worked hard on this matter, drew attention thereto.

In reality the number is > 5,000 kidnapped children since 2005 by the Tax Authorities actions (falsely accusing parents of fraud and continuing to do so after it becomes known that the accusations are false). A total of 70,000 children have been affected. Many victims of Youth Care (Tax related or otherwise) and others are now discussing this topic on social media. Here is some input from my end.

The problems have been acknowledged by Minister @SanderDekker and @hugodejonge in 2019 (De Winter) and after  Tax Benefits Scandal, but are not solved, despite apologies made and promises to do better. We have seen decades of pseudo reforms, but the situation never improved.
One of the most succesful propaganda one-liners over the past decades, to shut everyone up, has been: "One can't take a child from their family just like that". In other words: where there is smoke, there is fire. The parents must be guilty of something. And that is true. Being able to start, maintain and uphold #childtrafficking on a massive scale cannot occur "just like that." It involves hard work: one must make up problems, aggravate or exaggerate them, or attract all attention to them, and also delete unwelcome information.

In this domain laws and treaties are without effect, and everyone basically works around them. (Supply) Chain Partners are: the Judiciary, the Lawyers, the (Secret!) Police, Commercial Care Providers, Child Protection Board. Since 2015 the NL Municipalities are responsible. The Dutch Judiciary @RechtspraakNL   and the  Dutch Bar @Advocatenorde  organized Tribunals. Not against the childtraffickers who operate in the name of "protection" and "help", but against lawyers (such as myself in 2020, and others before me) to silence them.

The Amsterdam President of the Dutch Bar was put on alert by "anonymous informants" and saw it his task to start disciplinary proceedings against me as a lawyer, and gradually he also concluded I should be disbarred. Disciplinary proceedings and other forms of "sensibiliseren" are used against any lawyer who signals and reports organised crime, financed by the NL State, and speaks up about "#childkidnapping", "#forgery" and "#showtrials" (judges always stand with Youth Care). In Apeldoorn one client committed suicide in 2020 due to the humiliations and intimidations of Youth care (supported by judges). My Amsterdam President did not respond to my signal for help.

In Hoofddorp, one client was forced to flee to Poland with his wife and child, where the family did receive a fair trial - civil/criminal - cleared from abuse allegations. Their authistic son finally received excellent care. They are still being hunted by NL State, Interpol, etc.

Again, my Amsterdam President of the Dutch Bar @advocatenorde did not respond to my signal. He was only more determined to disbar me. He refused to tell me who were his secret informants (chain partners?) and if they had any interest in the matter. In Zwolle and Leeuwarden, like everywhere, judges systematically support Youth Care in divorce cases in choosing the side of the narcissist parent, to ensure the maximum unrest, problems and damage to a child. This garantees the justification for their involvement.

In Zwolle, Leeuwarden and Middelburg I witnessed judges choosing who are actively breaching formal laws, in order to get the case done for Youth Care and keep the children enslaved and exploited.

In The Hague my clients/parents are defending themselves against Youth Care and the Court who operate as one. Mother was ill in 2009, got better in 2010, but the children were never allowed to return home, despite in 2014 accusations of abuse, bad parenting were proven false. I can give many other examples from all over the country of the complete lawlessness in Youth Care (Child protection board, youth protection, judges, lawyers, police, etc.). In November 2021, 5 year old little Sean was abducted by 12 policement in 4 policevans, despite he begged not to take him.

This week the news reached me of a mother, hiding in her toilet with her toddler daughter, while the police had entered the house by breaking the doors and windows. One mother told me that Youth Care - despite here many pleas - did not allow her children to say goodbye to their grandmother who was dying. Muslim families have complained that their children are deliberatly placed with gay couples.

Youth Care schedules appointments on afternoons if in the morning a chemotherapy session was held, or a funeral took place. They never reply to a question, never let parents input be of value, and in general are distant, condescending and often (psychologically) violent.

One mother was bathing her baby (naked) when a (male) policeman entered the bathroom and executed a traumatic abduction. Since they felt the mother was not cooperative enough, she was dragged through the streets naked, with a towel/robe that did not cover her naked bottom. Since then, the mother has been sentenced twice now  for using her freedom of speech to protest against the inhumane and barbaric treatment, and the abduction of all her children, and publishing the footage online.
A research report, requested by the Middelburg court, which concluded that the children should be returned home immediately, has been ignored for the past 2 years.

Last week, a child was abducted by armed police forces who came via the roof of an appartment building, using flash granades. They suspected the family might resist the abduction of their child. How is this helping any child or parent?

The examples of cruelties are endless. Many witness accounts have been documented on the internet. @JDTVproducties
 has made many documentaries over the past years, and others also.

Most parents are not allowed to see their children more often than once every few weeks. In the first year this is even less (policy of alienation). Parens and children live in constant fear, because a contact ban can be imposed any moment, and usually lasts for months. Contact bans, threats to limit the visiting rights and removal of parental authority are often used to force the parents to agree to whatever abuse of power is at hand: wave forgery of files, agree to privileges of foster parents, agree to medical examinations, etc.. In one of my cases the youth protector had admitted that the contact ban was imposed because my clients had involved a lawyer (me) without her prior consent/knowledge. This is an evident breach of Article 18 NL Constitution and 6 ECHR.

The judges @RechtspraakNL , the Amsterdam President of the Bar @Advocatenorde did not care. In the disciplinary proceedings the tribunal (of judges and lawyers) did not care either. My signal for help that the Hague judges took the stand that parents should not fight the arguments of Youth Care, because that was an evident breach of Article 17 NL Constitution (right to be heard by an independant judge) and 6 ECHR was also dismissed by the same parties. To be clear: the Hague judges include the judges of the Court of Appeal. This argument was dismissed in two instances!!

The Amsterdam President of @Advocatenorde admitted several times he was aware of the abuses in Youth Care, but dismissed the fact that I deserved protection as a whistle blower, and he should restore the rule of law. Instead, he prosecuted me for using my freedom of speech and lack of esteem for the NL judiciary. My position was that my oath as a lawyer obliged me to report the abuses, and I reminded him and the judges they had sworn oaths, too. At this point in time, more initiatives are being developed by victims, lawyers and even some politicians to end the cruelties by the NL State against its own population.

However, as long as the propaganda continues ('many things are going well') and more pseudo reforms are announced, more victims will suffer (children and their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts). The Hague as city of Peace and Justice does not stand with its own citizens, who suffer terribly due to the human rights violations committed by Youth Care in the name of "protection" and "help", and supported by the legal community.


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Ik word er zo depressief van als ik dit soort dingen lees... Weer iemand met een platform die de zwakke geesten probeert te beinvloeden met belachelijke complot theorieën... Triest hoor. Schaam je.

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Precies wat ik voelde, resoneert volledig. Ik kan het niet onderbouwen. Een niet pluis gevoel bevestigd

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Paul is een echte communistenhater! Niets mee doen redactie anders neem ik geen abonnement!

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Dankjewel Paul voor je zo goed verwoorde brief aan de redactie van de andere krant. Ik ben het zo 100% met je eens. Ik hoop dar de redactie er iets mee doet. Ik zie die Bob de Wit een wolf in schaapsk

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